The Seven Bridges of Königsberg

This performance worked on explaining the story of Leonhard Euler to the public. Euler studied whether or not it was possible to walk across the seven bridges of the city of Königsberg exactly once.  You can't, actually, but Euler went on to use the puzzle to launch the branch of math devoted to networks, known today as graph theory.  


Choreographed by Kristel Tedesco in partnership with Georgia Tech and Mathematics in Motion, this work explains the story of the seven bridges. We are passionate about bringing math to the masses through the art form of dance!

the Atlanta Science Festival 2018



Mathematics in Motion was honored to present at the Atlanta Science Festival last year. Pictured is dancer Daley Kappenman

Mathematics in motion has been lucky to partner and perform in the past with the cambridge school system, cabbagetown park, emory university, ga tech, and others to bring math magic to all.